House & Land Packages For Sale In Oran Park

Whether you are looking for your next investment opportunity or the perfect lot on which to build your family home in Oran Park, White Square Properties can help. We offer a range of home and land packages so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for; we can also discuss purchasing land as an investment. Our selling agents are property experts and make every step of the buying process, whether for a future home or a solid investment, as simple as possible.

Years of experience in the Sydney metropolitan region gives White Square Properties an advantage in working to serve each individual customer’s needs, getting you in the right property at the best possible price. This focus has also helped White Square Properties’ professional and experienced staff to develop a strong network of contacts in the builder community that can be put to work for you.

Reasons to Buy Home and Land Packages in Oran Park
The charm and convenience of the Oran Park region, a community with only 5,000 residents, attracts a number of potential home buyers. They look for the feel and convenience of a planned community with accessible shopping, wide streets and sidewalks, and abundant parkland.

Oran Park offers all of the convenience and amenities of a meticulously planned community. Walkers and cyclists will enjoy many kilometres of spacious paths to commute, exercise, or connect with seven playgrounds, athletic fields, and acres of open and usable space. Beyond the natural offerings, Oran Park’s social and business life revolves around the Podium. The Oran Park Podium contains 31 stores including New South Wales’ largest Woolworth’s, business workspace, even a medical clinic. Almost any amenity you might need, Oran Park has centralised into one convenient location.

More than just a place to shop and eat, Oran Park has several high-quality educational institutions. The area boasts a number of public and religious schools as well as multiple colleges. The area has also committed to expanding its family child care options to help working families gain peace of mind knowing their children are safe while they work. From just after birth to graduation from college, Oran Park offers a great environment for children and students.

While land releases in Oran Park fall under government control, they do happen in announced stages. White Square Properties is in the best position to help you find the right home and land package deal even in a more stringently regulated environment.

Don’t miss out on the range of exciting home and land package and land investment opportunities in beautiful and accessible Oran Park. The entire Sydney metropolitan region is enjoying the best buyers’ market in years; With our experienced professionals working for you, White Square Properties will work with you to find the home best suited to your individual needs.