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Do you dream of owning a house in Campbelltown? Your dreams for a luxury home are closer than you think.  While luxury homes were out of reach in the past due to the selling model, they have now become more affordable because of innovative house and land packages.  White Square Properties will work with you to make your dreams of owning the home you love.  Our house and land packages Campbelltown offers are some of the most interesting houses in Australia.


The old way

Let’s say you want to build your dream home in Campbelltown. In the ordinary way of doing things, you would be forced to haggle with land developers for a piece of land. After securing the land, you would then begin the process of getting the right documentation for building and getting a contractor to put up the house.


House and land package way

House and land Campbelltown packages offer an easier alternative. You come to us and tell us of the kind of house you would want to live in, and your preferred location. We take it from there. We will deal with the land developers and get you house designs you will love, you will tweak the design to fit your family needs and lifestyle.  We will then present a price for the land and the house as a package. There are no other hidden costs. The price we agreed on is the final quote.


Why White Square Properties?

We have helped hundreds of new home builders Campbelltown residents realise their dreams of owning prime properties.  We understand the real estate market in this area and have all the connections and grassroots networks to make your dreams possible.


Have you been thinking of a dream home in Campbelltown but shied off because of prices? Contact us for a house and land package that will make your homeowner dream come true.